I need some help mounting an HP MSA1000 disk array into a
Compaq/HP H9A15-MC rack. My problem is that the supplied
slides do not fit in the rack.

According to the MSA1000 QuickSpecs, the H9A15-xx rack is a supported
cabinet: http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/q.../11621_na.html

The MSA1000 Installation Guide says:

"To help you install your MSA1000, each MSA1000 is shipped with
a rack-mounting kit that includes the required components for
quick installation in Compaq-branded, HP-branded, and most
square- and round-hole third-party racks. The adjustable
feature of the rack rails enables installation in racks with
depths of 69.90 to 73.81 cm (27.52 to 29.06 in)."

The problem is that my Compaq H9A15-MC rack (the same one
specified for AlphaServers such as the ES-40) has a depth of
25" between the front and rear rails. Also, the slides
simply do not fit to either the front or rear rails.

First, the MSA1000 slides do not have a right-angle bracket like
most slides, but are designed to butt right up to the holes in
the rack's vertical rails. However, the so-called "return
flange" on the H9A15 rails prevent this. The return flange
offset is 0.27", and would need to be 0.5" for the rails to fit.
BTW, a good introduction to the use and terminology of rack
slides is from Accuride, "Designing Slides Into Electronic

This problem is illustrated in a couple of photographs and a


The first photo is looking from the front of the rack towards
the left-hand rail, showing the MSA1000 slide propped in place.
It is pushed as far to the left as it will go, stopped by the
"return flange" in the center of the photo. As you can see,
the mounting holes/screws of the MSA1000 slide do not line up
with the holes in the rack.

The second photo is from the top:


You can see how the slide is pushed against the return flange,
but its mounting screws/holes line up with the edge of the
front rail, not the mounting holes.

The third image is a dimensioned drawing of the H9A15-MC mounting
rail, as seen in the two photos:


Note that the return flange is almost exactly in line with the
mounting holes. This makes it impossible to install an
MSA1000 (or similar) slide into this rack.

Even if the H9A15 did not have the return flanges, there would
still be the problem of length. The distance between the
front and rear rails of the H9A15 is 25", but the MSA1000
rails will only adjust between approximately 27.5" and 29".

The length problem is illustrated by two photos:


The piece near the rear end of the slide moves back and forth
to accommodate different depths. In the photos, it is shown
in the most forward (shortest) position.

I have two guesses:

1. The design of the H9A15 rack was changed somewhere along
the line, and I have an old one.

2. The documentation is flat-out wrong about the MSA1000
fitting in an H9A15.

Has anyone successfully mounted an MSA1000 in an H9A15 rack
with the supplied rails?

Is my H9A15 rack different than others with the same model

Does anyone have an H9A15 rack with different rails than I