I recently re-acquired the first mVAX I ever bought ( to replace a VAX
11-750 Ah those were the days!) and haven't any use for it.
micro-vax 3100 10e in BA42 case, RZ24 and TZ30
SZ12 expansion with 2 off RZ26
TLZ04 DAT tape
RRD42 cd
VT420 with LK201 kbd
can't recall memory config.
some cables but no scsi interconnect cables.
(can't really blame the philistines who took it out - they seem to
think an Intel based box running something starting with W can replace
it - poor misguided souls).
DEC maintained all it's life and gave me 8 years faultless uptime - of
Free to a good home before it dents a skip near me.

Please note that I am in the UK so shipping will be an issue!

Andy Parker, Ulverston,Cumbria, England
Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary
Ulverston, Cumbria, England
Tel: 01229 584023