Bob Armstrong at is trying to get enough order
requests together to meet the numbers necessary to justify a last time
parts order of his sbc6120 kit of a pdp-8e work alike. This kit is based on
the harris hd6120 used in decmates and runs the pdp8 instruction set
natively. He left a message on the alt.sys.pdp8 newsgroup. You can contact
him at

He estimates costs at $150 U.S. for a circuit card, cpu chip, static ram
and stacking connector. the rest of the parts required are still
manufactrured and available thru places like digikey/mouser/newark.

About 50 people built this sbc from the original parts buy, it works.
For $ 150 bucks how can you go wrong?

I'm not in any way related to bob or sparetimegizmos.
But I can't buy one unless others make the bulk parts order cost effective
for Bob. He had 18 orders and needed more than twice that much by 10 june
to go forward.