Time has come for a bit of a clear out, I have various DEC
equipment available to a good home if anyone is interested
for free.

Location UK Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Pick up or arrange - it will probably not pack very easily
Contact: cjketle (at) gmail.com

Chris K
Cheltenham GLOS


DEC Professional 350
512KB, 10MB hard drive, RX50
POS 3.2 loaded
LA50 Printer
LK201 keyboard
Developer toolkit (DCL command line access)
Most original software media and manuals + maintenance data
Working order (just tested), needs new battery (3 x aaa NiCad cells)
VR201 Screen has developed some strange
cloudy blobs in the glass at the edge of the screen)
DEC Rainbow 100
128KB (?), 10MB hard drive, RX50
LK201 keyboard
MSDOS Loaded (iirc), CPM86 kit included
Software media and manuals plus spare CPU and disk interface boards
VR201 Screen also developed same strange glass faults around the edge
Was working last time I tried
DEC VT220 Terminal
Working order, with Keyboard
With maintenance documentation