O.k., folks. These are working systems with no disk, no tape and no

2 - DV-31ETA-A with 8MB RAM
1 - DV-31ETA-A with 4MB RAM
1 - DV-31DTA-A with 4MB RAM

These will be posted to eBay for auction, opening bid $0.99 with a $9.99
"Buy-It-Now" price. Essentially, these are being sold for the cost of

E-mail me privately at:

djesys at comcast dot net

....if you want one of these before I post them to eBay this coming
Sunday evening, 30-Apr-2006. After that, I have to go through the eBay
motions and complete the sale on-line. I'm going to request PayPal in
any event, but that's not cast in stone unless you buy from eBay.

The shipping weight on these is roughly 25 pounds.

I would prefer not to ship overseas at this time. If you have a friend
state-side who would be willing to help you out in that regard, drop
them a note and ask them to complete the purchase for you. Once it's out
of my hands, I am not responsible for what happens to it.

Again, these will be posted to eBay this coming Sunday evening,

David J Dachtera
dba DJE Systems

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