Seeking New or Updated Submissions for the next HP OpenVMS Freeware

Submission Deadline 15-Jun-2006.

(Yes, that's a new submission deadline for the next Freeware.)

Do you have or do you know of useful new tools for HP OpenVMS, or
updates, corrections, or new versions of existing OpenVMS Freeware
software tools?

Please contact the Collector of OpenVMS Freeware (CoOF) via the website,
and pass along your knowledge of these new or updated software packages
-- even if you are not the maintainer or owner of the package -- to the
CoOF. (Please do not assume that somebody else has or will notify the
CoOF about the package(s) -- the CoOF regularly learns of new packages,
and might well miss the packages you are most interested in.)

The Freeware submission information and guidelines are available at:

Please use the Freeware URL submission -- the submission link is
available at the above website -- for submissions, and for related
messages and communications.

Thank you!