Cleaning out our collection of DEC RSTS, RSX-11, RT-11 and other PDP-11
system software manuals. Nearly complete sets of mature DEC software
documentation (many final or near-final versions). Manuals and binders
only, no software, no licenses.

Located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Pick up and it's yours for free,
otherwise make an offer so it's worth shipping. Blast some ASCII to
if you're interested. I have a more detailed
list of what's in each binder, including version numbers. Stuff has to
start going out the door soon. When it's gone, email addy will be gone
too. Sorry, this forum will not be monitored for replies.

o RSTS/E full manual set (V10,V9 vintage, 8 binders)
-General Information & Installation (RSTS vol 1)
-System Management and User's Manuals (RSTS vols 2,3)
-System Utilities (RSTS vol 4)
<<< includes detailed V10 Internals & Data Structures >>>
-EDT Utility (RSTS vol 4A)
-Programmer's Utilities (RSTS vol 4B)
-BASIC-PLUS (RSTS vols 5,6)
-MACRO Programming (RSTS vol 7)
-RMS Record Management I/O System (RSTS vol 8)

o DECnet/E for RSTS layered product manuals (V4, 1 binder)

o BASIC-PLUS-2 layered product manuals (V2 vintage, 3 binders)
-BASIC-PLUS-2 V2 (RSTS & RSX-11 system manager manuals)
-BASIC-PLUS-2 V2 (RSTS, RSX-11 & VAX/VMS programmer manuals)

o RSX-11M/M+ manuals (RSX-11M/M+ V4/V2 vintage, 7 binders)
-RSX-11M Introduction (from RSX vol 1)
-RSX-11M V4.1 Installation Manuals (from RSX vols 1,2)
-RSX-11 User Operation Manuals (from RSX vol 2)
-RSX-11M/M+ System Utilities Manuals (from RSX vols 3,6)
-RSX-11 System Reference and System Management Manuals
(from RSX vols 4,5,6)
-RSX-11M/M+ System Reference Manuals (from RSX vols 4,5)
-RSX-11 Programmer Manuals (from RSX vol 4)
-RMS-11 V2.0 for RSX-11M/M-Plus V4.1/V2.1 (from RSX vol 7)

o RT-11 Manuals (V2C and older vintage, 3 binders)
-RT-11 System Reference (Programmer) Manual
-RT-11 System Manager Manuals
-BASIC/RT-11 and Multi-User Basic Manuals

o Miscellaneous DEC Manuals and Catalogs (1 carton)
-DECServer 700 Owner's manual
-RSTS/E to VMS and RSX to VMS Compatibility Guides
-Assorted PDP and VAX Systems and Options Catalogs
-Assorted DECDirect catalogs
and more