ShirKahn wrote:
> Forgive me if this sound like a dumb question.
> My trusty ol' DEC monitor's magic smoke all went away. I can find
> monitors on Ebay for it but the shipping ends up being almost
> prohibitive. Can I use a standard Sun 13w3 cabled monitor on my
> Vaxstaion and if I can, what about running it through a KVM or monitor
> switch?


Some of the higher-end PC monitors from the mid to late '90s had BNC jacks
and could use a variety of synchronization standards, including sync on
green. Iiyama, Viewsonic, and Sony made models that work great with DEC

The BNC jacks seem to have vanished from late model monitors; I am not sure
whether any of them can still do sync on green. I personally use Iiyama
monitors on Alpha boxes, as well as 3100 and 4000 series VAX systems.

Jeff Shirley
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