G'Day Folks,

I'm sure you will enjoy reading about this Vaxstation 3100 that is
currently on ebay.au, the person selling it is clearly a VAX advocate:

"Are you tired of people making fun of you for using a Mac?
(ha ha! Mitten boy!)

Feel silly each time you break out your Pentium-M based notebook?
(Slave to the beast!)

Do you have problems talking to the opposite (or same) sex when you go to
bars or clubs?

Quite simply, it's because you don't have a VAX.


It should (Though I cannot guarantee) increase your attractiveness to
others. If it does not make you more attractive, it's won't be the fault
of the VAX, but that you need more than one VAX to overcome your current
character flaws. "

For the entire description see,



[Sydney, Australia]