ShirKahn wrote:
> Forgive me if this sound like a dumb question.

There are no dumb questions ...

> My trusty ol' DEC monitor's magic smoke all went away. I can find
> monitors on Ebay for it but the shipping ends up being almost
> prohibitive. Can I use a standard Sun 13w3 cabled monitor on my
> Vaxstaion and if I can, what about running it through a KVM or monitor
> switch?

The DEC monitors used to have only three BNC connectors and a 15-pin VGA
input. Usually, these monitors had a sync-on-green signal input, which
means that the synchonization signal for the frame / line was clamped on
the green signal. Most standard VGA monitors donīt understand this,
since they use the separate sync lines in the 15-pin plug instead. The
SUN monitors act like the DEC ones, but take care that the frame / line
(horizontal) frequency are within the monitors range. Maybe someone else
can help you finding that out, or, you could check it using google.

Regular KVM switches do degrade the signals - you probably donīt want
that to happen. DEC / SUN machines have a pretty good video output
driver and circuitry and the monitors are, even for todays standards,
remarkably good. Using a KVM switch and / or cheap cables mess up that
good video signal. I would not want to do this on my machine...

> I'd test the theory with my Sparc's monitor but I don't want to chance
> blowing it if they aren't compatible.

Again - the DECīs output signals must be within the monitorīs limits.