I have a CD circa 1994 with the Option Module List. The only issue is
that is accessed via VAX BASIS.

We're doing some part numbering at work and I wanted to look at the old
Option Module list to see if there were any useful nomenclatures that
would apply to our company.

I booted my old VMS 7.1 system and the image said "version mismatch"
when I ran the VAX BASIS on the Option Module CD. Evidentaly it was not
a simple text file but made searchable with BASIS. So I installed the
oldest version of VMS that I had, V6.1, and it still was mismatched.
My guess is that V5.x would work....or maybe 6.0.

Would anyone have a later version of VAX BASIS (and other items that go
with it) or an older version of V5.x? I can restore a VMS save set to
my old system etc. Or a version of BASIS? Or a PDF of a circa 90s
option module list (aka Dick Best) list?

Jon J. Danzak
^--aka danzak sgi net
(figure out where the @ and . go above ) (grin)