When I attempt a cold boot on a AS 1000 it fails with:

EISA Data in non-volatile storage is corrupt
EISA Configuration Error.....

After running ECU I can boot normally (requires setting date and time).
Reboots (warm boots) work fine.

I suspect that this is due to a dead battery, and if so may have been caused
by a KVM switch. The only thing that I find that looks like a battery is
~0.5(w) x 0.375(h) x 2.0(l) inches that's marked "lithium battery...." on
the main board(?).

Any suggestions on:
1) determining if battery is dead
2) finding a replacement (if needed)
3) installing a replacement (if needed). I believe that this is (multi-)pin
socket but may require some tool(s) for extraction.

If the problem is not the battery then what?


Ransom Fitch
rlf_vms at earthlink dot net