Good morning,

I have a number of serial printers attached to Digi TS16 serial port
servers using the Digi RealPort driver. If I cat > /dev/ttyD1001s
my output prints perfectly.

I used sysman to create a print queue using this device, and used lpc
up to start the queue. Jobs submitted to the new printer remain in
the queue and do not print.

I tried copying the "seial printer" section from the FAQ and posting it
into my /etc/printcap in place of the entry for the new printer, with
the same results.

Print queues for non-local printers are working fine.

I've been able to come close to getting this to work by using an output
filter script that simply cats standard input to /dev/ttyD1001s, and
set the device for the printer queue to /dev/null, but this has some
obvious drawbacks (lpstat -v won't show the correct device, for

Does anyone know why cat can send output to the device with no
problem, but lpd can't?