Hello all,

I'm encountering the following network problem using an Alphaserver
800/500 running True64 5.1.a

- tranferring data using FTP or NFS from a Win2k box or from a
Sparcstation to the Alpha is
1. slow, approx 60Kbyte/s
2. is hanging after a while. Transferring data will stop after some
tranferred megabytes.
- transferring data from the Alpha to the Win2k box or the Sparcstation
is fast, approx 300-500Kbyte/s and does not hang (10Mbit NIC). It is
possible to tranfer several hundred magabytes or several gigabytes
withou any problem.

B: on the Alpha there is running a software, which is using NFS to
access the Alpha's filesystem. It seems to be, that even on the Alpha
NFS hangs from time to time while accessing the local filesystem.

I know of a packetfilter Bug on True 4.0.f, which causes long packets to
be truncated sometimes, which means that the checksum is invalid and
communication between a software running on the Alpha and whatever host
is sending the packet hangs.

Or is this a hardware problem related to the NIC?

Does this bug still exists on 5.1.a?