I'm looking for Digital Personal Workstation L3 cache memory for a
recently built hobbyist VMS system. The DEC part numbers are:
SN-MSC01-AB (2 MB)
SN-MSC01-AC (4 MB)

These parts appear reasonably hard to find. I am in the United
Kingdom, but if you have an unused - or even broken! - PWS anywhere in the
world with this fitted, it is easy to take out and I'll pay shipping
costs with whatever you might like for it (within my student budget!).

If you look at the CPU top-left of motherboard, the cache is in the slots
immediately to the right. SRM should report it with "show config" or "show
memory", AlphaBIOS reports "Cache" within memory configuration menus.

E-mail address below - beware spam trap. Cheers,

Tom Garcia | tgarcia-ng@hivemind.NOSPAMTHX.org