I want to install VMS on a AlphaServer 2000 4/233 that was previously
running NT. When I switched to the SRM console I cannot get any
display on the Monitor (using a PBXGA-AA video card) or a serial
terminal. I have unplugged the keyboard, mouse, and monitor but still
get nothing on the serial terminal. I have not had much experience
using the video cards/monitor on Alphas and would be happy if I can
just get the serial console to work for now although either one will
be OK it I can get it to work. The terminal is a VT420 which works as
the console on a DS10 and AS200. I am using the same cables. Are there
any switch settings that need to be changed to force output to the
terminal? Also the LCD display on the 2000 seems to be OK - testing
memory, starting CPU, etc. There are no audible beeps that I can hear.
I do not know if this box was ever in the SRM console beforeDoes that
tell be that the firmware is good or could it have been hosed when
switching to the SRM. I have not removed the video card yet which will
be my next step unless I get some better ideas. Thanks.