I had planned to give them a checkover today, but the cables I need are
500 km away (at least, MY cables that I need are that far away). Thus,
it will be a couple of weeks before I make an official announcement.
(When I do, I'll probably give the folks in the newsgroups first choice,
then put them up on Ebay.)

The 2100 has 2 DAT tapes, a CD-ROM drive and a diskette; the 2000 has a
CD and a diskette; all are accessible from the front (via a small door).
Both have a BA350-style disk tower, accessible from the front (via a
large door). The 2000 has two power connections. On the back, both
have keyboard, mouse, 2 serial, SCSI, graphics, ethernet, parallel. The
2100 has a second SCSI connector. (I haven't tested all of these yet,
but will when I boot up the machines in a couple of weeks.) I'm not
sure about the memory; probably 128, 256 or 512. Both have 2 21064 CPUs
(i.e. first-generation ALPHA). Of course, there are a lot of free

I'll post more details when the main announcement comes. The purpose of
this message is to alert folks to be on the lookout in a couple of weeks
and/or to contact folks who might be interested but don't regularly
follow the newsgroups (and/or Ebay).

Since I need disks myself (for spares and for future expansion), I'll
probably sell them diskless. For someone interested in such machines,
disks probably aren't a problem anyway. (I might be persuaded to include
a disk or two, possibly with VMS 7.3-2 and possibly some layered
products as well. This would be additional work for me, but it's no
problem if the price is right.)

As I said, I'll check them out in a couple of weeks. You can even see
VMS 7.3-2 running on them if you want.

These are big machines, so shipping them is out of the question. You
can collect them near Frankfurt am Main in Germany, or I will bring them
to you for a fee proportional to the distance. I could keep them for a
while longer if someone wants to collect them a bit later, but I really
need the room so don't want to hang onto them for too long.

These were really expensive machines when they were new. Remember, no
computer is ever WORSE than when you bought it, and it can be better
(newer software, new peripherals etc).

I'd really like to keep them myself, but I have 3 other ALPHAs and 10
VAXes (all small desktop machines) and really can't justify having such
large machines in my limited space.

I would be willing to trade them for hardware I need. In particular, I
want to upgrade the following machines to their maximum memory:

ALPHAstation 255/233 with 64 MB
DEC 3000/300LX with 48 MB
DEC 3000/600 with 192 MB
VAX 4000/100A with 64 MB
VAXstation 4000/60 with 32 MB
VAXstation 4000/60 with 32 MB
VAXstation 4000/60 with ?? MB
VAXstation 4000/90 with 64 MB

(A note to all the fine folks who have given me hardware over the years:
this is the first time I've offered DEC hardware for sale, and it will
probably be the last. I'm not selling anything which cost me nothing to
get: these items I either bought myself or went to considerable expense
(i.e. long journeys in bad weather) to obtain.)