Published 1982 by Digital (ORDER CODE: EB-20912-20), this softcover
book spans close to 750 pages of hard core technical documentation and
info on systems like LSI-11/23, PDP-11/23, FALCON SBC-11/21 and

The book is divided into four sections:

1. Commonalities
2. Board-level components
3. Systems
4. Appendices

A quick listing of the contents follows:

* Introduction
* Architectural Overview
* Addressing Modes
* Instruction Set
* Floating Point Instruction Set (FP-11)
* Floating Point Instruction Set (FIS)
* Octal Debugging Technique (Microcode ODT)
* Programming Techniques
* LSI-11 Bus
* Memory Management
* FPF11 Floating Point Processor
* FALCON SBC-11/21 Microcomputer
* LSI-11/23 Microcomputer
* LSI-11/2 Microcomputer
* LSI-11 Microcomputer
* LSI-11 System Troubleshooting
* ROM Memories
* RAM Memories
* Multifunction Modules MXV11-A Memory and Synchronous Serial Line
* Systems
* PDP-11/23-PLUS Microcomputer
* MSV11-P Memory
* Assignment of Addresses and Vectors
* LSI-11/23 Instruction Timing
* LSI11,/2 Instruction Timing
* PDP-11 Family Differences
* Integrated Circuits
* FALCON SBC-11/21 Instruction Timing
* LSI-11 Documentation
* PSP-11/23-PLUS Instruction Timing
* Index

The book is in good condition. Binding is tight, all pages are present
and clean. No markings. The cover and back do show minor shelf wear.