Hello there we've recently took out our last ES40 unit, but we still
have a lot of parts left, if intrested let me know for either
individual parts or the whole lot.

4x KN610-BB SMP upgrade tru64 67/667 8mb
1x KN610-CB SMP upgrade Tru64 68/833 8mb
5x MS610-EA 2GByte memory option
1x DEGPA-SA 1000Mbps ethernet (mmf/sc-duplex)
1x 3x-DEFPA-DC PCI to FDDI DAS controller SC-duplex
2x 3X-KZPDC-DF Internal Raidcontroller
4x 3X-KZPEA-DB 2-port PCI to SCSI controller
1x SN-PBXGD-AE Powerstorm 350 multihead PCI

Please mail me for any info: g.vanderlaar@chello.nl