I will trade off my AlphaServer 8400 for a VAX-11/750.

This is the AlphaServer 8400 current configuration:

8 CPUs = 4*Dual-CPU 300 MHz E2056-DA
4GB Memory = 2*2GB MS7CC-FA
2 KFTIA I/O Modules (4*SCSI / 2*Network) E2054-AA
1 Bus-Terminator E2034-AA
3 48V DC Power Supplies 303379602
3 BA356 StorageWorks SCSI-Boxes
12 DEC SCSI-Drives (RZs)
1 AlphaServer 8400 PCI Box

There are some AlphaServer 8400 spares that will go together with the

1 48V DC Power Supply 303379602
2 CPUs = 1*Dual-CPU 300 MHz E2056-DA
2GB Memory = 1*2GB MS7CC-FA
1 Bus-Terminator E2034-AA
1 Box BA655-AA

The AlphaServer 8400 is in working condition, but without software and
The only known deficiency is that the console CDROM drive (RRD45) does
not open properly, but is nevertheless usable. The condition of the
spares is unknown.
The AlphaServer 8400 system is located in Northern Germany.

What do I expect in return:

- A VAX-11/750 in working order
- 1MB VAX-11/750 memory
- A working VAX-11/750 disk subsystem (controller & drive, any model)
- A DEUNA or DELUA UNIBUS ethernet adapter

All items are negotiable.

The VAX-11/750 will become part of my private collection of VAX
computers and will be used to run VMS version 2, 3 & 4, ULTRIX-32 and
some old UNIX versions.


(The VAXorcist)