If you were "lucky" enough to buy the Model 1B or 2B 3B etc then YOU have to
have 240V circuits to prvide for these.
There is a conversion kit for them to bring them to a 120V (turns a 2B into
a 2)

It consists of the power backplane and 1+x+x power supplies

The model 2 has been a lot more popular purely because so many computer
rooms now have 120V circuits (yes I know most Ex-Vax houses have 3 phase and
240V circuits left over from the dark ages)

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"Malcolm Dunnett" wrote in message
>I have just gotten a used ES45 that I'm having a problem powering up.
> When I plug the system in the first green light comes on for all three
> power supplies and the OCP says "System is down". When I hit the power
> button the fans don't spin up and I get a "PS0 Failed" on the OCP. If I
> unplug PS0 the same thing happens, but it says "PS1 Failed", ditto for
> PS2. If I remove the CPU door I can see a green led lit up on each CPU.
> It seems odd to me that all three power supplies would be failed, I even
> swapped in a power supply from another ES45 I got at the same time, same
> error.
> Do I really have five power supplies that are all adequate to run the OCP
> but not the system or is this a bogus error that may be caused by a loose
> cable or failed door interlock (or something of that ilk?)