In article <48177b95$1@flight>, Malcolm Dunnett writes:
>It seems odd to me that all three power supplies would be failed, I even
>swapped in a power supply from another ES45 I got at the same time, same
>Do I really have five power supplies that are all adequate to run the
>OCP but not the system or is this a bogus error that may be caused by a
>loose cable or failed door interlock (or something of that ilk?)

Not that I have a solution, but here we have a very similar situation:
A DS25 started to report "%SMHANDLER-W-RFF, redundant fan failure detected".
So we had a look at the two huge fans, realized that one seemed to be a bit
weak and removed this one (they are hot swapable), reseated it and the
message disappeared. Two days later it reappeared. So we did a shutdown and
had a look at the console. Here the machine reported the PCI fan as "bad".
Ok, we replaced this one. But the error remained. We replaced the huge fans
at the back, no luck either. We checked the plugs and cables of the fans,
everything is all right. But suddenly the error message went away again. I am
sure it will come back, but the question is: what is wrong?

Could it be some dead battery?

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