I fairly recently acquired a VAX setup that I believe I've decided I just
plain don't have room (going to stick with Alpha hardware for my hobbying),
so I wanted to see if anyone in either group has an interest in it. The
system includes the following 5 boxes:

- 1 VAXServer 3100
- 2 Storage Expansion units
- 1 VT1300 terminal
- 1 MicroServer-SP unit

Except for the MicroServer, these machines are each reasomably weighty, so
shipping could be a cost issue. I'm in Indianapolis, IN, USA, so anyone in
the area is more than welcome to come pick them up. If you take
everything, it's yours for $50, which is what I paid for it. If you just
want an item or two, let me know and we'll figure it out.

You can email me directly by reversing each segment of my public email


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