Hi all,

Available for pick-up now from Worthing, West Sussex, England are
twelve overfilled 34x24x25cm boxes of orange wall - VAX/VMS v3 and v4
era manuals. Or I can ship anywhere at your expense after 10 March.
Detail below (era-vol-title). Condition is reasonable - some cover
pages are less than pristine, while other manuals are still in their
shrink wrap.

Also for auction, shipping worldwide: one Alphaserver DS10L 256MB
+30GB, one VAXstation 4000/60 32MB+RZ25, and one MS310-EA = 2x512MB
for a DEC DS10/DS10L/XP900. The equipment has been used for the VMS
hobbyist programme, and now awaits your hobbyist licenses :-).

More stuff probably available next month (a VT240+VR201 and a DECmate
III?), but for now you are welcome to walk off with / pay shipping
- TCPware 5.4 printed docset: netcu command ref, management guide,
user's guide, programmer's guide, install/config guide;
- some MS44L-AA 4MB VAXstation memory modules;
- a VT520 with apparently stuck-full brightness;
- an HP A2094A CRT that has nothing to do with DEC but has been
sitting taunting me.

4-8-system messages and recovery procedures
VAX-11 Fortran u/g, ref manual, installation guide
4-2A-command language, system messages
4-7-MACRO and instruction set
3-8-Compatibility mode RSX-11M
3-3B-Text processing: TPU/EVE
4-8-as in (1)
3-3B-Text processing: VAX TPU ref.
MicroVMS 4.4 programming support manual
4-replacement binder-intro to sys routines, utility routines
4-" "-RMS manual, ana/rms, FDL
4-Guide to writing device driver for VAX/VMS
3-4A-utils ref, magnetic tape u/g, SORT/MERGE u/g
4-8-as in (1) (again!)
4-4C-utilities PHONE-VERIFY
MicroVMS user manual part 2
MicroVMS programming support manual (again) + progarmmer pocket
sealed-User's primer, FORTRAN primer, release notes
promotional (SPD?) booklets: BASIC, BLISS, CLE, FORTRAN, MMS, RPG II,
ADA, COBOL, performance + coverage analyser, APL, DEC/test manager
4-4A-ACL editor through LATCP
4-Guide to networking on VAX/VMS
DEQNA ethernet user's guide
4-2-Command language: DCL dictionary
MicroVMS 4.4 programmer's manual
4-Guide to programming on VAX/VMS (FORTRAN edition)
TK50 user's reference card
Installing VAX/VMS on 8600 from HSC-based tape, " from magnetic tape
Installing VAX/VMS on 11-780 from HSC-based tape, " from magnetic
Installing VAX/VMS on UDA-based 11/730 from magnetic tape
Running the UETP after installation
4-Guide to VAX/VMS file applications
4-Introduction to VAX/VMS
DECNET-RSX guide to network management utilities (1985)
Programming in VAX C 2.0
3-5B-System services/IO: IO user's guide volumes 1,2
3-1-General info, SPD etc.
VAX-11 FORTRAN 3.0 reference manual, user's guide, installation guide
4-1-Introduction, glossary etc.
4-2-Command language: DCL dictionary
4-1B-Release notes: vv4.2, 4.1, 4.0
3-7-VAX-11 Record Management Services
DEC CBI course administrator's guide (1982)
4-8-as in 1 (yet again!)
4-Guide to VAX/VMS disk and magnetic tape operations
4-Guide to using DCL + command procedures on VAX/VMS
MicroVMS 4 programming support manual (again)
4-Guide to VAXclusters
MicroVMS 4.4 user's manual part 1
3-4B-prog. development tools
4-1A-general info etc.

Please feel free to respond/mail me if you have any questions.

Tom Garcia | tgarcia@hivemind.org