Hi all,

Wonder if anyone can help me with a script for Webalizer to parse all previous Apache2 log files and regenerate the entire website traffic data.

I have separate log files for each website:

I also have separate Webalizer config files for each website.
The first line of the conf reads "LogFile /var/log/apache2/sitename.log". Not sure if it has to be there for the script.
When I tried to run Webalizer with the old log file (sitename.log.1) it simply ignored the data. Got error: "56042 records (56042 ignored) in 0.16 seconds". It only shows last week's traffic.

I need help writing a script that parses all previous log files and generates the Webalizer stat files for one specific website (so I can run the script separately for each website).

Appreciate your help.