On 2008-11-09, sk8r-365 wrote:
> Using Debian Lenny/Sid with mutt version 1.5.18.
> mutt asks every time it starts to create a directory "Mail", which is
> pretty useless for all mail ends up in ~/mbox by default. Plus,
> generally I don't keep mail - it's system mail only. Also, I like things
> tidy. Allowing an used directory to be created is wasteful. Yes, I know,
> it's not much but I don't care for it. Having read the man page and
> unsuccessfully searching for a solution to stop mutt from trying to
> create ~/Mail on the Web, I thought maybe someone in the news groups had
> found a suitable answer. Please advise.

the muttrc manpage (you should always check the see-also's when you
read manpages) suggests that adding the line

folder ~/

to the ~/.muttrc file will cure this behavior.