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On Thursday 06 November 2008, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > I would therefore suggest to change the following packages from
> > Depends to Recommends in gnome-d-e:
> > - gnome-user-guide (16MB download size!)

> WTF? Dropping the core user documentation?

Where exactly do I suggest to drop it?

> You are really missing what gnome-desktop-environment is for. If your

That's entirely possible as I've never been a fan of Gnome and thus have
never looked closely at its packaging.

> only concern is size, then install gnome-core and that’s all [...]

I guess that's an option for post-lenny: use gnome-core with selected
additional packages as key. But for lenny I'll be happy with just fixing
the regression.

> As for gnome, we made changes specifically so that it can be made as
> the key package for the gnome-desktop task, installing a full-fledged
> desktop with everything users might want.

That's an excellent reason to include it in the task, but it does not mean
that it has to be a _key_ package in the task.

There's another risk with having such a large key requirement for the
task: that the gnome-desktop task will eat up all space on CD1 but will
still not be installable because the dependencies of the key packages
overflow to CD2.

> > Having them as Recommends would mean they will still get installed if
> > users install gnome-d-e manually and adds flexibility as users will
> > gain the option to have gnome-d-e installed without those packages if
> > they don't need them.

> Except that tasksel does not have this flexibility. Packages in
> Recommends are not installed, full stop.

With good reasons. Which is why I wrote just below that:
! To ensure the packages still get installed during a desktop installation
! using D-I there are two options:
! - adding them as Depends in the 'gnome' meta-package (preferred IMO)
! - listing them separately as non-key packages in the gnome-desktop task

The attached patch should fix the issues for CD1 only installs while still
giving the exact same result for all other installs. Please commit and
upload ASAP.

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