* Sven Luther (sven@powerlinux.fr) [070830 06:16]:
> I would like to know if this upload would include the efika patches that
> where included in the subversion repository after the 2.6.22-3 upload,
> or if you will silently disable them, after you kicked me out of the
> debian-kernel team without reasonable justification or even trying to
> speak to me.

Sorry for following up so late on this bug report.

I just asked on IRC:

16:25 < aba> can someone comment on http://bugs.debian.org/439006
16:25 < aba> (Efika and sony PS3 patches in linux-2.6)
16:49 < waldi> aba: both efika and ps3 support is maintained in the
linus tree since a long time. so it is possible to fix serious
problems with the linux upstream stable updates and don't need to
duplicate the work. ps3 support was enabled by me for 2.6.26, so
sven tried to fix not enabled things
16:49 < aba> waldi: so, are the issues reported there now already
resolved? or are they "not relevant anymore"? or ...?
16:50 < waldi> sven did not further try to push massive patch sets,
which was just about to be submitted to the ppc maintainer, for
inclusion into linux-2.6
16:51 < waldi> the support is upstream and from what I know working, so:
"not relevant anymore"

Is this correct? If so, I would like to close this bug report now. Sorry
for the late response.


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