we ran into this problem, too, with preseeded Lenny installations --
but it happens not always respectively not on all hardware.

We do automatic installations via preseeding with this preseed file:


While we installed an 32 bit machine that way without hassles on
Friday, we have this problem on at least two 64 bit machines with the
amd64 and the i386 installer, but only since about mid of last
week. Worked fine about two weeks ago on three different amd64
machines including one of those where it doesn't work anymore since
Thursday last week or so.

There was at least one time on Friday where it didn't work on one of
the 64 bit machines while it worked afterwards on the 32 bit machine.

Currently we use the netboot image snapshots from 17th of September on
our PXE boot server.

Kind regards, Axel Beckert
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IT Support Group, HPT D17 (new address!) voice: +41 44 633 4189
Departement Physik, ETH Zurich fax: +41 44 633 1239
CH-8093 Zurich, Switzerland http://nic.phys.ethz.ch/

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