I noticed a few (partly trivial) errors in the Installer guide. I tried
first to send a proper patch but to be honest I don't have the time for

I extented the code by some comments, I hope you find these useful. See
the attached file (which you have to edit, sorry about this).

The most important stuff:

> If you've had to change /etc/inetd.conf, you'll have to
> +
> notify the running inetd process that the file has changed.

Debian has no longer a /etc/init.d/inetd binary but many alternatives
(without using /etc/alternatives/). You have to rewrite this.

> One of the most common installations is onto a system that already
> contains DOS (including Windows 3.1), Win32 (such as Windows 95, 98, Me,
> -NT, 2000, XP), or OS/2, and it is desired to put Debian onto the same disk
> +NT, 2000, XP, ReactOS), or OS/2, and it is desired to put Debian onto the same disk

Let's at least mention one free Win32 platform (with a URL?), right?
Also at least FreeDos should be mentioned when you refer to DOS systems.

> without destroying the previous system. Note that the installer supports
> +
> resizing of FAT and NTFS filesystems as used by DOS and Windows. Simply

I wasn't very sure whether NTFS is supported by the installer. Here is
it mentioned, at a different location in the source it is missing ...

> -fetchmail.
> +fetchmail.

There are a few tags missing, I hope I chose the right ones (I didn't
test it). If you don't want to apply these parts because unfuzzying
translations is to hard for you, I can help you ...

> In a lot of cases the smarthost will be your ISP's mail server, which
> makes this option very suitable for dial-up users. It can also be a
> +
> company mail server, or even another system on your own network.

Email configuration still needs some additional text (e.g. how to add a
proper From: based on the mapping in /etc/email-addresses). The current
information is probably not useful for most users because only
very few users have a static IP (other require a smarthost which needs
a special configuration). (exim4 isn't designed for dynamic Internet
access which is the root of all problems.)

The installation guide is probably not the best location for such
additional info but where should it be described?

> aptitude. Note apt will also let you merge
> +
> main, contrib, and non-free so you can have export-restricted packages
> as well as standard versions.

non-US no longer exists!

Again sorry for not providing a proper patch but I hope it helps

PS: Please CC: me.