lenny is comming with no solution to my original bug. I've tried it and I have to say:
(1) unmaintained console-tools exist in lenny and this package is installed by default
(2) original bug is not solved
(3) using "kbd" package doesn't bring solution. The result is a bit different (e.g. typing n+caron with console-tools returns "n", but using kbd it returns C3 B2) but both results are wrong.

If I can say a sentence to new name of this bug:
"unfixed capitalization of accented letters by caps lock"
I do not think it is good idea to type accented capitals letters with CAPS LOCK pressed, because, from my point of view I expect numbers according to czech typewriter. I understand that it depends on point of view, and it can be hard to solve it at kernel level. It has to be solved by keyboard map.
Cold you please rename this but to its original name?

Thank you,

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