Package: linux-2.6
Version: 2.6.18.dfsg.1-23
Severity: important

According to 24aac480e76c6f5d1391ac05c5e9c0eb9b0cd302, new smart array
controllers will become available in late Fall 2008. This bug is to
track the progress of adding support for these devices in etch.

Patching in new Smart Array PCI IDs isn't strictly necessary, in
general. There is a fallback mode in the cciss driver that recognizes
"Unknown Smart Array Controllers", and has some until recently sane
defaults. The problem is that these defaults are no longer sane for
newer hardware. The fallback 'max outstanding commands' setting is
too high for the next generation controllers running in "Zero Memory
Raid" mode. This means that the current etch kernels will happily
detect and operate these newer controllers, but will be setting a
queue depth too large for the controller's fifo. To resolve this, an
additional patch is suggested that retrieves the queue depth setting
from the card's config instead of hard coding each card's value in a

2.6.18 can also use 9cff3b383dad193b0762c27278a16237e10b53dc, adding
pci ids for the previously released P700M controller, which is already
supported in 2.6.24.

dann frazier

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