Hi you all,

I recently compiled my own 2.6.26 kernel applying the Ingo Molnar's rt patch

Processor type and features -> Preemption Mode -> Complete Preemption
(Real-Time) -> Y
Processor type and features -> Timer frequency -> 1000 HZ -> Y
enable deadline as the default IO scheduler
enable HPET timer support
enable enhanced real time clock support
enable the high precision event timer

The system boots and everything seems to be ok but after launchig qjackctl
the jackd daemon doesn't stops anymore.
If I try to stop it using qjackctl gui it refuses to shutdown and from bash
happens the same.

The result is I can't kill jackd using kill -9 PID

The jackd daemon is listed in the ouptput of `ps -ax` with a 'DLs' staus
and I can't start/restart it anymore, no way to make it work but reboot...

Everything it's ok with 2.6.26 generic... but no RT

My box: amd64 dual core running debian lenny

Can anyone help?