Package: debian-installer
Version: Lenny (tester)

I got up to the grub installation stage. I couldn't remember the drive it had been working on (and why didn't it have that drive as the default by now?? I'd just finished the software downloading and installations). So I selected 'go back' and went up the partitioning stage again to look. Once the drive structures came up and I had the drive name, I selected 'go back' andthen went back down to 'grub' stage. But instead it then loaded Partitioner again.

Everytime I try and select a different stage, it instead just loads the partitioner.

Okay, fine, so in partitioner I select 'undo partition changes', but that doesn't fix the problem. Next time I'm sent back into Partitioner I select the other option to continue to next step with changes and in next step wherein it is asking 'are you sure? This will write a new partition table' I select 'No', but this too doesn't get me out of partitioner and back to the stage I was on before.

What is left to try? Someone on IRC suggested that I could continue forward with the partition step and it would ask if I wanted to continue with a dirty partition/install and it wouldn't go through all the software downloading and installing again. So I tried that by selecting 'yes write the new partition table' and it then went straight to re-formating the drive. Arrrgh!!!