I asked Dave Airlie about this:

23:36 < bwh> airlied: Do you know who might be a good person to write to
at ATI/AMD about the licence for firmware in r128?
23:48 < airlied> bwh: what license you want it under? its already MIT
23:50 < bwh> airlied: Is it? Thing is, r128_cce.c doesn't have any ATI
copyright notice on it.
23:51 < airlied> bwh: fail.. it probably should have, its still MIT
licensed though.
23:52 < bwh> So would someone at ATI be able to confirm that?
23:53 < airlied> well the r128_cce.c has the MIT license on top
23:53 < airlied> I'm just looking to see if I have the original DDK
23:55 < bwh> airlied: cheers
23:56 < airlied> so the original table was just released under NDA, with
permission to reuse in open source.
23:58 < bwh> Funny sort of NDA ;-) Do you have some legally meaningful
statement of the permission that you could forward?
23:58 < airlied> bwh: why funny?
23:58 < airlied> I get lots of NDAs like that.
23:59 < airlied> nope I've gotten nothing real, I doubt anyone in AMD
has either, this is like a 10 year old part.

I don't know if this is sufficient assurance of its licence.


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