Replying to myself, I just found the solution here:

aptitude purge mozilla-plugin-gnash gnash gnash-common
aptitude install flashplayer-mozilla
aptitude purge gtk-qt-engine
aptitude -t experimental install gtk-qt-engine-kde4

I works fine now.

On Sunday 12 October 2008, Josť Couto wrote:
> Hello.
> Since I upgraded to KDE4 from experimental, I can not see flash content in any website. I was using the flashplayer-mozilla package from with KDE3. With konqueror 4.1.2, it crashes, so I replaced it with the mozilla-plugin-gnash package. It works quite well with iceweasel, but Konqueror seems to ignore the plugin.
> I also tried to install konqueror-plugin-gnash with no results. I think it is for KDE3.
> Is anyone able to see youtube videos with Konqueror 4? If so, which packages are you using?
> Thank you.

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