Dear developers,

I have experienced that bug when starting from battery and as reported it does
not occur when starting from main supply.

It happen when loading the hald module and I do not have knowledge of how the
hald works to call temperature monitoring.

However from past experience in electronic it looks like an initialisation
problem of either a variable in the hald code or more likely in the hardware
itself as it shows only when differently powered up.

If you know how to modify the hald loading sequence, you could try to
initialise twice the temperature reading and take only into account the second
reading in the check of temperature limit.
Alternatively you could modify the temperature monitoring module itself to
take the average of two successive temperature reading and compare it to the
limit, this way the average may be within limits even if the first reading is

I hope that this help solving the problem.
Regards / Amitiés
Robert Lainé Free CAD for sails and hull GPL source code

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