I've been struggling with suspend to ram for two weeks and finally got it working!
My laptop is a 2004 acer travelmate 290 (centrino 1.4, ipw2200, intel 855gmgraphic card). I used to run sarge on it then switched to ubuntu because of suspend to ram ability working out of the box. Now I'm glad to be back todebian.
I invoke suspend to ram via function key (ctrl+esc). Xfce keyboard settingsis configured to run "sudo pm-suspend". The combo is not recognised out ofthe box in xfce so I had to edit .Xmodmap adding keycode 223=XF86Sleep (X must be restarted).
I'm using the more evolved pm-suspend instead of s2ram because module psmouse must be uloaded upon suspend and the reloaded on resume for s2ram to work properly, else X hangs with no keyboard and blank or messy display.
So I created in /etc/pm/config.d a file with:
Of course I had to edit sudoers to run pm-suspend without password.

I found the solution today and it's working fine.
Btw s2disk works flawlessly.


PS I wrote a week ago about a problem with fan not working in lenny. Now itworks fine. Probably it was just me not waiting enough for it to start... sorry for bothering for that.

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