If you use rootdelay, the bootskripts will wait every time, even if all
is complete or they will stop waiting, even, if on slow systems it isn't.

Without another solution (this for example copied from mountroot, which
had the same problem which was solved without additional work for the
users like to setup a rootdelay) everybody who wants to run cryptroot
from usb (there might be more people in the future, since you can setup
that automaticly with the debian installer since debian etch, the
devices became cheaper and maybe more people will understand, that its
important to encrypt data, especially on mobile devices which get lost
very easy) would have to search this problems, edit bootparameters (too
complicated for some users) and change them to run a mobile device on
slower systems.

But some weeks ago other people requested the same thing in the package
cryptsetup. I realised too late, that the file cryptroot in initrd is
part of cryptsetup and not a standard script of debians initramdisk and
had not found the other open report. Sorry for the report in this

For people getting to this report/thread because of using a searchengine:

This issue is open on the wishlist of cryptsetup at #488271 and is
discussed there.

I'll post a quick and dirty workarround there. Maybe it will help
someone else, until one of the discussed solutions will be implemented
in the cryptsetup-package or/and in initrd.

So interested people will find more information at
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=488271 ...

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