Whether or not this is related to hald, new via82cxxx coding or not (I tried
putting back older initialization and this changed nothing), this bug is
indicative of deeper problems in the kernel.

If I boot up 2.6.26, look at dmesg or logs for a few minutes, then boot up
2.6.23 which has not problems, I will most usually have disk errors on the
IDE1 line. Either the system will not boot (cannot read disk!) or will freeze
up afterwards. While the problem will heal itself with no data loss after a
couple of successful reboots, this appears very dangerous.

SInce I am using Inglo Mulnar's rt patches, he might be consulted on this as
well, though they cause no problems with 2.6.23.

The problem is present, at least from 2.6.25 and we are now showing 2.6.27-
release candidates, this problem should be addressed.

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