> hey Dave,
> I'm wondering if this is an occurrence of #494365. Can you test this
> build to see if it fixes this issue for you?
> http://people.debian.org/~dannf/bugs/494365/

Thanks for the test build.

I just tried it, but the behavior remains unchanged: kernel freezes
unless the boot parameter "hpet=disabled" is supplied.

I read the 494365 BTS page first, and guessed that it probably would
not fix my issue: when you replied that 494365 "was later fixed
during 2.6.27 development by [8004dd965b13b01a96def054d420f6df7ff22d53]"
I knew that this test build kernel would not fix mine. After I took
Bastian's advice to bisect using git, I ended up with a nice git tree
which I could use to obtain any version I wanted to test. One of the
first things the LKML folks asked me to do was build an up-to-date
2.6.27 kernel, and I found it also freezes.

Please note: my last message in this thread pretty much begged for
"a Debian Kernel Team member to go to bat for me" because I felt that
the LKML people were not going to respond. I was wrong. After I did
some more digging, and added "RCU problem" to the subject line in my
LKML posts, it started getting more attention. Since Saturday there
has been much discussion, though not really any progress besides ruling
out what the problem is not, but the right folks are scratching there
heads about it.

If someone on the kernel team did raise awareness for me with the
kernel folks, I really appreciate it. In any case, it has been noticed
at LKML, and I was asking for no more than that.

Thanks Dann,
Dave W.

BTW: The LKML posts on this can be viewed (via the mixed up LKML archive
web interface) starting at these links:

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