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McQuire Rens & Jones Presents
The creator of Good Boss Bad Boss™ & Author of “The Talent War”,
Kerry Larkan Live in Sri Lanka

The Talent War is the 21st century’s definitive guide to modern business corporations’ most pressing problems: identifying and attracting talented people, and inducing them to stay in the organisation.
As much of the developed world faces a rapidly ageing population and an entirely different mindset towards work emerges amongst a new generation of working individuals, companies nowadays can no longer rely on traditional, preset ideas and methods of attracting and retaining good staff. As the power of choice shifts from employer to employee, values and an ideal workplace environment will be more important than ever before for any business that hopes to be sustainable. a new dynamic between bosses and employees is imperative. Kerry Larkan’s The Talent War will show you how to become an ‘employer of choice’, and attract the best and the brightest on offer, and more crucially, to keep them working for you.

Kerry Larkan is an acclaimed Australian consultant, author and international speaker
Browse Kerry’s website: www.KerryLarkan.com

CEO Breakfast Forum
Top Leaders | Top People | Top Secret
23rd September 2008 | Queen’s Court, TransAsia Hotel, Colombo

Areas Covered
- Why all the buzz about retention?
- the myopia of success
- values the heart of success
- why would i want to work for you?
- shared mind-set
- followship, leadership or jump ship
- are you falling behind, keeping up or pulling ahead?

Management Event
The Talent War - How to Find and Retain the Best People for Your Company

24th September 2008 | King’s Court, TransAsia Hotel, Colombo

Areas Covered

The First Wave – The Case for Becoming an Employer of Choice
- Introductions
- What’s Changed and Why
- Cost versus Benefits
- The Business Case for Change
- Exercise

The Second Wave – It’s Not for the Faint Hearted
- What Makes an Employer of Choice?
- The Need for a Champion
- Change Takes Time and Focus
- Exercise

The Third Wave – Getting Results
- Leadership Effects Everything
- Creating the Right Context
- Demographics and Recruitment
- Exercise
The Fourth Wave – Making Change Stick Using the Right Tools
- 360º Feedback
- Satisfaction Surveys
- Strategic Alignment Survey
- Talent Development

The Fifth Wave – A Road Map for Success
- Key Messages
- Alignment
- How to Get Started

CEO Breakfast Forum
For Whom : Chairmen, CEOs, COOs & Directors
Date & Time : 23rd September 2008 | 9.00 am to 11:00 am (Registration & Breakfast 8:00 am to 8:50 am)
Investment : Rs. 10,000/- + VAT (Registration No. 114301744 - 7000)
Cheques to be drawn in favour of ‘McQuire Rens & Jones (Pvt) Ltd’ & crossed A/c payee.

Management Event

For Whom : Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Senior & Middle Management, Organizational Consultants, HR Practitioners & anyone who wishes to recruit, motivate and retain the talented employee
Date & Time : 24th September 2008 | 9.00 am to 5:00 pm (Registration 8:30 am)

Investment : Rs. 12,500/- + VAT (Registration No. 114301744 - 7000)
Cheques to be drawn in favour of ‘McQuire Rens & Jones (Pvt) Ltd’ & crossed A/c payee
McQuire Rens & Jones (Pvt) Ltd
(+94) 11 5 833 100 | (+94) 11 5 836 888 | (+94) 11 5 323 999
registration@rensj.com | www.rensj.com
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