> Version: 2.6.25-1

> > The bnx2 driver was included in the 2.6.22-3 kernel
> > (config-2.6.22-3-amd64:CONFIG_BNX2=m)
> > but not anymore in 2.6.24. Still this device is commonly used in Dell/HP
> > server hardware and so
> > quite usefull.

> please do a quick google research next time before reporting
> useless duplicates. kthx

I did a lot of google searches, this time it was not so straightforward even
for those who knows what dfsg-nonfree and lkml means :-)

> 2.6.25 in unstable has bnx2 ported to request_firmware()
> you'll need separate firwmare too.

The difficult part is finding the firmware blob right now.

A quick google search gave me just headaches. Thanks for the update to
request_firmware() to Bastian, but a lot of users, could be misoriented by
the difficulty to make this driver work on sid yet. *

A gentle question on IRC at #debian-kernel served me better, there is some
code in the source package firmware-nonfree so, (*) a package
named "firmware-bnx" will be uploaded somewhere in the future to unstable.

Meanwhile it can be found on

# svn co svn://svn.debian.org/kernel/dists/trunk/firmware-nonfree


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