Using debootstrap Version: 1.0.8 from debian SID

sudo debootstrap --foreign --arch=arm etch debarm

I've also tried this with lenny and sid, from, and with
cdebootstrap and cdebootstrap-static

This first stage goes smoothly in every case.

In every case the second stage run on the target fails. With debootstrap
it fails at libc6 while complaining of broken pipe and the non-existence
of cdeboconf/debconf.

I did try to manually install all the packages in the second stage cache
but it appears that debconf and debconf-i18n are mutually dependent so
neither will configure because the other hasn't configured yet.

I also tried with the cdebootstraps from etch and lenny with the etch
version not understanding foreign and the etch version failing at
liblinux1 due to too many errors.

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