Well, that's not actually the point. I prefer Debian to Suse too, if I
didn't I wouldn't be here asking Debian packagers but rather just
"living happily" (more or less) in Opensuse.
My question wasn't due to the fact that I don't like Debian or
whatever else, but to the fact that since Debian packages are
volunteers and they obviously can't keep the same packaging pace other
distros with employees, whose job is just do that, have, and I just
wanted to know if they were going to package the mentioned apps (for
KDE 4, as Sune Vuorela, has pointed) or were too busy with "essential"
KDE 4 packages as it is still not mature and perhaps said apps had to
wait till KDE 4 is finished.

My Debian installation is a testing netintst one completed via
aptitude with all the necessary packages for making KDE 4 work, from
Unstable and Experimental, and of course the other software I use
normally, so I'm familiar with searching and installing packages by my
own. Thank you for the advice, though, .

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