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THE LIFELINE - Trainers Edition May 2008

In This Issue

Administrative Professionals Day - Don't Miss Out!
New CPR Guidelines
Survey! How will new CPR Affect You?
Software Review
Free Software Trial
AED Checklist

Take the New CPR Survey

We want to hear how the new CPR guidelines will affect you. Take this
short (3 question) survey for professional trainers. Results will be
published in next month's newsletter.

[http://app.icontact.com/icp/sub/surv...02&cid=188759] Take
the survey now.

ResQR Review

Clinton Fitch reviews ResQR 3.0 for handhelds.

Got Checklist?

A good AED checklist is part of any comprehensive AED program policy. If
you've misplaced yours, or simply would like a fresh new checklist,
[http://www.think-safe.com/Portals/3/...Checklist.pdf] here's one,
compliments of Think Safe.

Distributors Wanted

Would you like to increase your revenues by providing cutting-edge
technology tools to your clients?

Think Safe, Inc. is looking for new training distributors for its
award-winning line of first aid products.

Many trainers significantly boost their incomes with quality leave-behind
products, including responder bags and supplies, software and First Voice
(tm) Emergency Instruction Device.

To learn more, call us at:

New CPR Method Boosts Survival Rates

Recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association
(JAMA), a new CPR method has safety professionals nationwide talking.

The new approach -- termed minimally interrupted cardiac resuscitation or
MICR -- focuses on maximizing blood flow to the heart and brain through a
series of coordinated interventions. It includes an initial series of 200
uninterrupted chest compressions, heart rhythm analysis with a single
shock, 200 immediate post-shock chest compressions before the pulse check,
early administration of epinephrine to stimulate the heart, and delayed
placement of a flexible plastic tube into the trachea for the purpose of
ventilating the lungs.

Dr. Bentley J. Bobrow at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, and associates
evaluated the protocol in a study comparing survival before and after MICR
training of fire department EMS personnel in two Arizona cities.

Among 886 patients who suffered cardiac arrest in the two cities,
survival-to-hospital discharge increased from 4 of 218 patients (1.8
percent) in the before MICR training group to 36 of 668 patients (5.4
percent) in the after MICR training group."This study," Drs. Mary Ann
Peberdy and Joseph P. Ornato, at Virginia Commonwealth University in
Richmond write in a related editorial, "represents confirmation that the
quality of CPR, particularly the need for minimally interrupted chest
compression ... is a meaningful development in the evolution of
resuscitation science."
[http://www.reuters.com/article/healt...7348720080311] Read Full

New First Aid Software w/ Videos - Free Trial

Think Safe, Inc. is proud to announce the release of ResQR 4.0 - the
interactive first aid software that drives its award-winning Emergency
Instruction Device (EID).

The new flash-based application is available for all computer formats:
Mac, PC, Linux, handheld and even smartphone. Users can access current
approved treatment protocols for over 30 medical emergencies, including
stroke, burn, CPR and snakebite.

The new version significantly improves user interaction by providing
scores of video scenes from a nationally accredited training organization.
The videos graphically illustrate correct actions such as recovery
position, clearing airway, bandaging, and many more first aid treatments.

Priced at just $49.99, it is a must-have for for anyone with a computer or
mobile device. If you'd like a free 7 day demo, use
this email link. Be sure to include your phone number and type of computer
or handheld. This offer currently only available through this email.
Questions? Call our friendly experts at: 888-473-1777.

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Administrative Professionals Day!
[http://www.bagolitasbyjanice.com/email-3.html] Last minute gift tip can
helpyou say Thanks!


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