Package: linux-image-686
Severity: wishlist

Foolishly I put this at the top of lilo.conf, experimenting:
append="acpi=off noapic noisapnp pci=off pnpacpi=off pnpbios=off" This
caused all the images in lilo.conf to become unbootable (E.g., kernel
modules couldn't be installed, waiting 8, 16, 32 seconds for disk, the
messages said, whatever, that's besides the issue.)

What is bothering me is there is no way to put the "antidote"
parameters on the end of the lilo prompt (you know, where one can type
S or single to boot single user mode.)

I.e., I wish I could do
acpi=on apic isapnp pci=on pnpacpi=on
as an antidote, so I suppose the sum would be:

Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=2.6... ro root=UUID=... acpi=off
noapic noisapnp pci=off pnpacpi=off acpi=on apic isapnp pci=on

Alas, there is just no way to counteract bad parameters from an
unfortunate "append" line in lilo.conf, with good parameters added at
the lilo boot prompt.

Therefore, the user might very well lock himself out of his system,
with indeed the list of bad parameters staring him in the face via
but unable to counteract them from the lilo boot prompt.

(I ended up installing "potato" onto an empty partition from an old
CDROM and finally was able to run an old lilo to fix my mess. Very
rural here, big rainstorm, no vehicle anyway.)

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