I wanted to play midi files and so I followed one of various howtos on the internet and installed timidity as my soundcard (Intel ICH6 on board) does not have native midi support.

$ timidity blabla.mid
works fine but
$ pmidi -p 128:0 blabla.mid
$ kmid blabla.mid
result in only the first note being played and held but nothing more. If I start kmid from the console I get the following on stderr:
$ AlsaOut::eventInit : no source
This line is repeatet some dozen times now and then interrupted by
$ Couldn't allocate queueCouldn't allocate queueAlsaOut::eventInit : no source

Timidity is started at boot time and »Timidity port 0 ALSA device« is chosen as midi device for kmid.

I'm using Debian testing, timidity 2.13.2, kmid 2.0 and pmidi 1.6.0.

Would be great if anyone knew what to do. Google was no help this time.