Dear Debian Developer,

This is May Hwang, Product Manager from HighPoint Technologies. HighPoint
have launched a new series of H/W RAID controllers based on Intel 2nd
generation PCI-express I/O processor, one main advantage is we are the only
manufacturer integrate this Intel Fastest SATA I/O processor on HighPoint 4
and 8 ports controllers compares to others RAID controllers use 1st
generation PCI-express of I/O Processor.

These Hardware RAID controllers offer GPL licensed Linux Open Source driver
and have been accepted into 2.6.25 main kernel tree but since this is not a
stable kernel version yet so our Debian system integrators still have to go
through driver compilation in every installation process. Therefore, our
Debian customers request HighPoint must work with Debian developer to
include our linux drivers into the latest Debian Distribution. HighPoint is
always looking ways to provide friendly use experience for customers so we
will assign a dedicated firmware interface to work with Debian developer on
this project.

We are looking forward to provide better support for Debian customers, let
us know how to move forward?

Best Regards,

May Hwang

HighPoint Technologies,Inc.



Distribution Partners: ASI, BellMicro, D&H, Malabs

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