Discussions on lkml[1] hinted the Linux NFS client being at fault,
so I bisected it and found the commit which makes cfs break:

1c710c896eb461895d3c399e15bb5f20b39c9073 is first bad commit
commit 1c710c896eb461895d3c399e15bb5f20b39c9073
Author: Ulrich Drepper
Date: Tue May 8 00:33:25 2007 -0700

utimensat implementation

Implement utimensat(2) which is an extension to futimesat(2) in that it

a) supports nano-second resolution for the timestamps
b) allows to selectively ignore the atime/mtime value
c) allows to selectively use the current time for either atime or mtime
d) supports changing the atime/mtime of a symlink itself along the lines
of the BSD lutimes(3) functions


I don't know how this can influence cfs, but before this commit cfs
definitely worked and after it it does not.

I'm Cc:ing the kernel guys, please have a look if this really breaks
NFS in some strange ways or if it simply uncovers an old cfs bug.

And thanks in advance for any help in getting cfs working together with
current kernels again! :-)

[1] http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/li...7/12/23/521282


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